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February 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

img_0449About a mile from my parents house in Saint Paul there’s a little haven called Al’s Breakfast.  It’s about 12 or so stools long, and open from early to 1 p.m..  It’s where I go to decompress and reflect when I am home…and eat blueberry pancakes.  One of the great things about Al’s is that everybody is crammed in there together, passing toast, and coffee, and grapefruit juice, and stories.  Often I just sit and listen, and enjoy the storytelling as I lose myself in some hashbrowns.  I’m pretty far away from Al’s these days, as I have been for a few years now…but I was hoping to get some of you to join me, at a sort of virtual Al’s(alas no blueberries), and share some thoughts and stories.  We can’t always be where we want, physically, but we can do our best to create that same sense of community, even when we are half a world away.  So step up, sit down, and let it fly.  Free speech is a beautiful thing.  Exercise it…never, ever, take it for granted.  Trust me…


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